Monday, May 26, 2014

Macalester College Continues Expansion Plans, Buys Summit Avenue Church

A reliable source working inside the College confirmed to me the end of this year that Macalester College has agreed to purchase the old Summit Avenue Church located right next to the Summit House. The building is currently used by Highland Park Montessori School. I am told the school will continue to lease the building from the College for five years, after which they may do whatever they want to or with it. It is not 100% clear to me if the College has purchased only the building currently used by the school, or the actual church building itself.

The Summit Avenue Church On The Hill (Google Street View)
This purchase seems to confirm rumors that the College has big expansion plans for the next five or ten years. I have also heard rumors (though unconfirmed) that the College intends to buy and demolish the Cat-Man-Do building on Grand, which would allow them to put in place new dormitory housing or expand GDD to house more upperclassmen.

One student who previously worked in Residential Life told me that the long term goal is for the college to require four years of mandatory on-campus living, something I believe would only aggravate the "Mac bubble" issue on campus.

Macalester has spent more than sixty million dollars on renovation and new buildings over the last ten years, even as need blind admission has been eliminated.

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