Sunday, August 23, 2015

A farewell

In meta-news, those of you who follow this blog during the summer (anyone?) will have noticed a new post from Nathan Vinehout Kane on the front page, and also will have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.

Nathan was my preceptee this last year, and agreed to take over this blog upon my graduation. An energetic and bright rising Sophomore with a passion for political science, I know he will be able to keep the Sagebrush Scot project going strong and probably even make it stronger.

I've deeply enjoying writing this blog over the last two years, and a significant chunk of my life at Mac is chronicled here - from my frustrations to my learning experiences to my study abroad adventure. And then there was that time I totally called the outcome of the MCSG elections (not to toot my own horn at all).

If there are others who have an interest in contributing here as well, I'd encourage them to contact Nathan. Mac can always use more venues and more voices discussing campus, college, and political science issues. There's no need to let the Mac Weekly's opinion pages and Brian Rosenberg's Huffington Post page dominate the conversation.

And like the Terminator... there's always a chance that I'll be back.

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