Monday, April 25, 2016

Answers To The Three Questions

         A) The most impressive aspect of ballroom dancing is its partner aspect. In order to be a successful ballroom dancer, you and your partner have to be completely in synch. You have to trust each other and know each other’s moves by heart. These traits are integral for a number of different dance steps and have helped inform my dance education in a number of ways. Namely, they introduced me to the push and pull of partner dynamics, which Sveta and I have worked on extensively for our final presentation.
            B) One of the unique aspects of ballroom dancing was its gendered quality. A number of times, the presenter (whose name escapes me), talked about how the highest level of ballroom dancing required both dancers to fill their gendered role. In other words, the woman was expected to be fluid, graceful, and “feminine” while the man was expected to be strong and “masculine.” This is quite different from most other dance forms, where the roles are much less gendered.

            C) I did like the visit. It was informative, and I hadn’t known much about ballroom dancing before she talked to us. I especially liked the way she took control of the classroom when she taught us the steps. It was clear that she’d been teaching for a while, and she didn’t hesitate to tell us what she was looking for. 

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