About Nathan 

I am Sophomore at Macalester, planning on majoring in English with a focus in Creative Writing. I grew up on a farm outside Alma, Wisconsin, a town of about 750 on the banks of the Mississippi. I enjoy reading, writing, taking walks, chatting with good friends, and learning. This past summer, I worked on Martha Laning's campaign for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's State Chair position. I've been involved with politics my whole life - my mom is a State Senator from Wisconsin, and my dad was in the Illinois Assembly for eight years. - I am also a member of the Macalester Ethics Bowl team and Mac Dems.  

About Elliott

Elliott founded the Sagebrush Scot blog while studying Political Science and Classical Languages at Macalester College, after growing up in rural Eastern Oregon.

Throughout his time at Mac, he worked as a thinner for the Forest Service after high school, interned in the United States Senate for a summer, and worked as a river guide in Montana. In the Macalester College community, he was involved with the school Mock Trial team and help lead Macalester Firearm Education and Safety (MacFES).  Within the political science department, Elliott was honored with the 2015 Brent Williams award and was admitted into the Pi Sigma Alpha honor society.

Elliott  graduated from Macalester cum laude in May 2015, at which time he handed over the Sagebrush Scot blog to Nathan Vinehout Kane '18, a student whom he had taught as a political science preceptor.

About Sagebrush Scot

Sagebrush Scot will continue to offer perspectives about Macalester life and politics, but will hopefully also broaden to focus on politics at the national stage - which should get more interesting as the 2016 campaign develops. - I also want to offer my perspectives on some basic philosophical issues and begin to touch the idea of what really makes us human. Finally, there will probably be some pieces on here written simply because I enjoy writing. Some of them may be funny, sad, or heartbreaking. I simply don't know; I haven't written them yet.

A lot of people offer a lot of great commentary on Macalester life, and I hope some of them will eventually publish some of their thoughts here.